Festival Tickets

To party with us you need a festival ticket – either a full festival ticket or a day ticket (Friday / Saturday). This ticket gives you access to the festival area. Choose between:
This is the only ticket that you really – really – need. All other tickets listed below are optional add-ons for tasting or camping. They are recommended, but not required.

Beer Tasting Tickets

With the Beer Tasting Ticket, you get the opportunity to taste unlimited beers between the hours of 12 – 17 – both days or one of the days, depending on your ticket. Choose between:
Please note that cider/wine and spirits are not included in the beer tasting ticket.
Age limit: You need to be 18 years of age to partake in the tasting sessions.


You can also enjoy the tasting sessions by the use of tokens. One token gives you one sample sized beverage – either a beer, cider/wine or spirits.

Tokens can be bought at the festival entrance for the price of 200 kr (10 tokens).
Tokens can only be used during tasting sessions, 12 – 17 every day.

Kids 5–12 years

We offer discounted tickets for kids 5 – 12 years across all ticket categories.
Use the ordinary links above to purchase kids tickets.