On August 5th & 6th, we will host the first ever two day music festival at our brewery and craft beverage hub, To Øl City, located in the idyllic countryside of Svinninge, just outside of Holbæk.

This festival will be a celebration of boundary breaking craft. We’ve invited some of the best brewers, distillers, cideries & musicians to make this festival an incredible, vibrant experience for all involved. We want to transform To Øl City from a buzzing industrial space and let people come closer to the resources, the ingredients, and the processes that are usually so distant from our everyday lives, all while enjoying the colourful festival atmosphere.
This festival is as much about the people coming together as it is about the craft. It is about celebrating the beautifully modern and exciting offerings within our industry while still in a setting that is fun, casual and rich in culture.

By being there, you are helping to bring the quality and diversity of craft producers to the forefront. You are celebrating national and international talent, and hard working people. You are celebrating community, culture & cooperation. By being there, you have made it that little bit better, for everyone involved.