Practical info & FAQ

How do I get to the festival?

There are regular trains from Copenhagen H, Roskilde & Holbæk. Be sure to check the train times beforehand as they are subject to change. If arriving by car, there is free parking available at To Øl City. The spaces are limited, so make sure to get here early.There are also spaces for bicycles if you’d like to cycle here.

Do you have water stations?

You bet your recycled water bottle we do! We have water stations all over the festival site, with access to the fresh Brokilde spring water running underneath us.

What about sleeping facilities?

Our campsite is just a stone throw away from the action. If you’d like to camp, then you can buy a camping pass, found under ‘get your tickets here’ on our website. There are a number of camping options available:

You can rent a tent that is already set up here. The tent sleeps two people. These are reusable tents, so please leave it in good condition when you leave, so that we can then clean and prepare the tent for festival guests.

You are more than welcome to bring your own tent, and you will then be directed to the area you can set it up. Note that this option will still require a camping pass.

You can stay in your own caravan or camper at our caravan area. Just purchase a caravan pass and the number of camping passes that match the amount of people staying in your caravan.

Free showers are also available at the camping site.

Please Note:
Gas is not allowed in the vans.
Power access can be purchased BEFORE the festival – not upon arrival.

I have special needs.

Everyone is welcome at To Øl City Festival. We are always looking to improve our conditions to ensure everyone feels included and accommodated. If you have questions or suggestions on how we could improve, you are more than welcome to contact us at

Companion Wheelchair users with a valid membership certificate from the Danish Handicap Organizations’ User Service can buy a wheelchair ticket to the Festival. The membership card must be presented at the entrance. As a wheelchair user, you must contact Ticketmaster’s customer service on tel. 7015 6565 to order a wheelchair ticket. This is to ensure that we have the necessary toilet facilities for wheelchair users etc.

Can I not use cash during the festival?

At To Øl City Festival we want to give you a comfortable festival experience where there is full focus on being there and not on long queues. Therefore, we are a cashless festival. Ordinary payment cards can be used anywhere on the festival site. If you bring cash with you to To Øl City festival, you can deposit your money on a paycard which you can use in all food and drink stalls, as well as the festival site and the camping area.NOTE: Since To Øl City Festival is a cashless festival it also means that there are no ATMs on the festival site.

When does it all go down?

Friday the 5th of august 2022.
Camping site opens at 11.00 am
To Øl City Festival opens at 12.00
To Øl City Festival closes at 02.00

Saturday the 6th of august 2022
Camping site is open 24 hours
To Øl City Festival opens at 10.00
To Øl City Festival closes a 02.00

Sunday the 7th of august 2022
Camping sites opens at 00.00
Camping site closes at 11.00 am

What should I be aware of when bringing kids to the festival?

We encourage all parents and guardians to exercise common sense and caution. Make sure to protect their little ears and avoid bringing very young children too close to the stages during concerts.

Children from 5-12 years must have a child’s ticket.
Children from 0 to 5 years don’t need a ticket.
Children between 0-12 years do not need a camping pass.
Children aged 13 and up must have regular festival tickets, this also applies to the campsite where a camping pass is required.

Can I bring my pets?

No pets are allowed at the festival site.

What kind of food can I look forward to at To Øl City Festival?

We will provide a wide range of local high quality food from the best in Western Zealand. There will be both vegetarian and meat options available. For any allergies, please consult a member of staff before consuming.

Become a volunteer

If you have what it takes to help pour, build or dismantle stuff, then please sign up through this mail:

Is this a beer festival?

Think of it as a beer festival within a festival. From the hours of 12:00-17:00 Friday and Saturday there is a tasting session for all the beers on tap. During the two tasting sessions you'll have the opportunity to taste 160 different beers - 80 each day - from 40 breweries. Wine/cider and spirits from 20 producers will also be presented during the tasting sessions. A tasting glass will be provided when purchasing tokens or a beer tasting ticket. If you would like to take part in it, then you can, though it is not compulsory. All day, the beverages will be flowing in a number of bars on site in a full serving size, to be casually enjoyed as part of the festival atmosphere.

Long story short: if you're a beer geek, then you're in the right place. If you're not a beer geek, then you're in the right place.

How do I take part in the beer tasting?

There are a number of ways to experience the beer tasting sessions. Here are the options available:

Full Festival Beer Tasting Session
Purchase a full festival tasting session wristband and you will have the opportunity to taste unlimited beers between the hours of 12:00-17:00 both Friday & Saturday. A tasting glass will be given on arrival. The price for the full wristband is 475DKK and can be bought under 'tickets' on our website. Please note that this option does not include the spirits or wines, as they will need to be bought separately with tokens.

One Day Beer Tasting Session
You can taste unlimited beers on between the hours of 12:00-17:00 on either Friday or Saturday, depending on your choice. A tasting glass will be given on arrival. The price for a one day wristband is 245DKK and can be bought under 'tickets' on our website. Please note that this option does not include the spirits or wines, as they will need to be bought separately with tokens. It is possible to buy a one day wristband upon arrival as well for 295DKK.

Purchase Tokens
You can also choose to purchase tokens at the festival, swapping them for samples of the wide array of beverages available between 12:00-17:00 both Friday and Saturday. The tokens will be sold in groups of 10 for 200DKK. A tasting glass will also be provided with your purchase. Some beverages may cost only 1 token, and others more, depending on their price.

Please note that any wristbands or tokens will need to be purchased in addition to your festival ticket.

Can I buy just a one day festival ticket?

Yes you can. You can purchase a ticket for either Friday or Saturday, giving access to all the awesome festivities that day. Please note that should you wish to camp overnight, that a camping pass will need to be purchased separately.