General Camping info

To Øl City Festival camping

Here you can bring your own tent or enjoy one of our different pre-set options.

The camping area of ​​course offers necessary toilets and baths for free, and opposite the festival site, it is allowed to bring food and drink to the camping area. In addition, it is possible to buy food and drink in connection with the campsite.

You must have a valid and personal camping pass to access the camping area. The camping pass is personal, ie. that one camping pass must be purchased per person. Note that the Glamping tent packages include camping passes. When buying an Igloo Tent or Caravan pass, it is possible to easily add the desired number of camping passes before the purchase is completed. When you buy your accommodation option, a camping pass will automatically be added to prevent you from forgetting to buy it. Therefore, remember not to buy your camping pass separately, but together with your accommodation option. If you come with your own tent, you can just buy a camping pass separately.

In the whole area there are camping guards who make sure that things are in order. To enter the camping area, a camping pass must be presented. The camping pass is only valid together with a festival bracelet - read more about our various accommodation options above.

The camping area opens on Friday 05 August at 11.00 and closes again on Sunday 07 August at 11.00.

Iglo tent for 2 persons

Bring your own tent

Motorhome, caravan & camplet

Motorhome, caravan & camplet with power connection

2 persons luxury Glamping tent

4 persons luxury Glamping tent